Welcome to a short presentation of Törnskogens kennel,
me, my family, my dogs & the aim of my breeding.

Sins very early age I have had a deep passion for dogs.
I got my first dog at the age of five and started showing & competing in dog sports when I was twelve.... and what followed is history now
I met my husband through the dogs, our children are raised among them & I´ve got my best friends in life - both in Sweden & abroad - thanks to the dogs.
I have bin a breeder for 40 years now and 2019 it's 35 years sins I recived my kennelprefix "Törnskogens" from the Swedish Kennel Club

From start I bred shorthaired Dachshund & Labrador Retriever - but twenty years ago a Smooth Collie came in to my life and our family and for me it was "the breed of my life" I had met and was happy to get to know.

I also had and bred, for twelve years, another very nice breed; The Field Spaniel 
but during the last few years I only kept Smooth's because when years pass and I am getting a bit older I felt that it´s better to care for less dogs at home and keep my focus on just one breed!
Our dogs are not "kenneldogs" - they share their lives with us as family members in the household and every one need time, some training & exercise. 
On the page "Collie" you can see a presentation of our dogs.

My husband Janne share my big interest in dogs and our daughter Christel (breeder of Cavalier King Charles Spaniel & Freestyle instructor) use to give us a helping hand when we have litters, when she has the opportunity.

The aim of my breeding is to breed  healthy dogs with nice caracter & looks like the breed standard ask for. Collies with no fears, who easily can take place as good members in "normal active" dog owners lives and of course I accept the breeding rules and decisions the Swedish Kennel club & Swedish Collie club have.

The Smooth Collie is an active, happy &  friendly dog who like to be included in their owners life and activities - training like tracking, obidience, agility, NoseWork and of course also other  dog-sports the owner and the dog find suitable,  appeal to the breed as well as the opportunity to be a part of everyday life.
When you are active - they are
If you take a rest or a "day off" from doing things - they do
and when you like to be active they always say; "Yeas, I am on".... with a happy face
Smooth collie is a "working dog, light" - a perfect familydog & companion!

During 2023 we hope to welcome a new litter in the welpingbox.

 40 years sins the first litter from Törnskogens Kennel was registrated  at the Swedish Kennel club  1982 - 2022

puppy Molly
puppy Molly
puppy Ellen
puppy Ellen
puppy Vera
puppy Vera
puppy TexRazz & Evama
puppy TexRazz & Evama